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Organizational Learning (OL) is the process through which organisations learn and evolve over time in order to achieve longevity and real sustainability. It is often referred to as “agile”, “lean” or “participative management”. Every organisation has an organisational learning process which guides its evolution even if its leaders are not aware of it. This is because OL is an innate ability of every organisation which was unconsciously put in place at the time of an organisation’s founding.

We cracked the field by fully automating OL management through our software – OLSET! We put all the pieces of the puzzle together and we came up with the exact mathematical equation of OL that enables any leader to manage OL effectively and easily.

OL= (Indiv.Learning + OrgMemorySys + SySofSharingLearning) values

Please notice that individual learning is only one small component of OL. This is why we are not one more LMS software. Instead, we offer the only holistic OL and evolution management software.

Here is how your organisation evolves over time. It learns whether we understand it or not. Each arrows at the magnifying lens represents a learning process in place.


Figure 1. Organizational evolution by using OLSET(Diagram in circle adjusted from Scapens (2006))

But don’t worry, you don’t have to become an expert or even hire one in order to manage you organisation’s OL process! We made everything easy for you through OLSET! By using the Organisational Learning Self Evaluation Tool you:

  • Inform and upgrade your decision making process by using science’s cutting edge tools to improve bottom line!
  • Use management’s newest approach as your organisation’s strategy to improve your performance!
  • Aquire a continuous competitive advantage!
  • Use your organisation’s collective intelligence to inform decisions and really capitalise on your workforce’s expertise!
  • Prepare your organisation for any future in this turbulent time for the markets!
  • Complete your remote strategic planning in less than a day – no matter your size!
  • Change without expensive experts!
  • Scale up change no matter your size!
  • Stop reacting to observable events in your market and start creating them instead!
  • See both the woods and the trees!
  • Manage your organisation’s evolution over time!

Research has proven that well-managed Organizational Learning results in increased:
– performance defined as economic/financial results (e.g. Lopez et al, 2005)
– innovation (e.g. Tohidi et al, 2012)
– competitiveness
– sustainability (e.g. Smith 2011)
– profitability (e.g. Goh, Elliott and Quon, 2012)
– levels of responsibility
– self-organization
– ownership of results
– accountability
– motivation
– quality of communication and cooperation skills
– job satisfaction (e.g. Chiva and Alegre, 2009)
– growth and development of social networks and visionary leadership
– efficiency in achieving goals (e.g. Mohrman and Mohrman Jr., 1995)
– capacity in acquiring technological competencies (e.g. Steensma, 1996)
– entrepreneurship ability (e.g. Dutta and Crossan, 2005)
– capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing environment (Popper and Lisgitz, 2000) etc.
as well as in reduced risk to face crisis situations (e.g. Goh and Richards, 1997).

OL has been characterized as the “transformational leadership style” (Church and Waclawski, 1999) and as “the human-centered approach to change” (Child, 2005). By managing OL, your manage holistically your organisation.

OLSET is a software that ensures that the objectives of the company are being pursued by all people in all departments in unison no matter the market conditions. It does that by using numerous scientific management tools to let emerge the bigger picture and the collective intelligence of the team that uses it.

This sustainability in the short and medium term, means, in practice, that all the people in an organisation are all working to the same end, towards the same purpose and with the same values.

OLSET offers rigorous evaluation and measurement system that includes the whole organisation, which when correlated results in a detailed report that enables management to see where improvement is needed and what kind of improvement is needed in order to achieve long term profitability and sustainability.

OLSET is an easy “plugn-play” way to use management’s latest approach where Organizational Learning and strategy are integrated by design, aiming to improve your performance and bottom line results. OLSET fully automates a Learning Organization at any scale, if you are familiar with the field’s terminology.

OLSET’s methodology is based on Systems Thinking and Sustainability tools introduced by Prof. Peter Senge and Prof. Nigel Roome respectively.


The Guru of OL, MIT Prof. Peter Senge summarises the history, the science and practice of OL (addressing Global SoL,
for full video visit