About Us

Who developed OLSET?

OLSET is the unique OL operational tool in the world which has been developed through scientific research vs empirical observation. Empirical observation means that the knowledge used as initial input for the model is of one or more experts, while scientific research means that the knowledge used as initial input is the sum of the past and concurrent scientific research knowledge. The experience of the experts that developed OLSET is of course important but it is named “contextual sensitivity” of the researcher and is just the filter used to discern past theoretical knowledge. Three of the world’s top OL experts co- created OLSET: Anthi Theiopoulou, Guus Geisen and Nigel Roome.

Our scientific team is further supported by many exceptional experts and professionals including Lord Stone of Blackheath, Ami Shpiro, Stavros Katsoulis, Odysseas Velentzas and Nikos Rovakis.

Visit our Research website olset.org to learn more about our team.