Guus Geisen

Guus Geisen
Nowadays he is self-employed and specializes in innovational and organizational development and he is working on regional, national and international innovation of individuals and organizations.

He is the author of the book “the Art of Thinking”. With this book he wants to give an impulse to designing the quality of learning and the learning process with the help of insights gained by brain research.
His second book “Autopoiesis, perspective on sustainable meaningful learning” is about life long learning of the individual and the system.

Organizational Learning by Peter Senge is one of the most important foundations for his work. He was trained and inspired by world leading authors like Otto Scharmer, Margaret Wheatley and Andy Hargreaves.

Based on these concepts he developed and practiced the “autopoietic learning process” for individuals, teams and organizations. Every learner creates itself by working at a subject or problem using systems thinking tools and deepening the learning by high quality reflection.