Certification in Organizational Learning, Systems Thinking & OLSET

Invitation for internal and external consultants, facilitators and leaders.

Do you want to lead an OLSET strategic transformation project?

The OLSET software platform is the unique OL operational tool in the world which has been developed through scientific research (i.e. synthesis of all past literature) vs empirical observation (i.e. synthesis of only the empirical knowledge of one or more experts) and is now available to you to enhance and scale up your participative leadership practice. Two of the world’s top OL experts researched and synthesised OLSET: Anthi Theiopoulou and Guus Geisen supported by world class professionals like Sustainability pioneer Prof. Nigel Roome and IT expert Stavros Katsoulis. OLSET uniquely allows consultants and leaders to scale up their participative facilitation process through its high-tech tools.

In this online workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance you Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking skills, learn how to create systemic structure and action maps, how to run an OLSET Audit or project and how to simplify complexity with the help of technology. You will also get to work on your own projects with the guidance of our team. This workshop will give the opportunity to the participants to be certified as an Organizational Learning, Systems Thinking & OLSET Certified Consultant.

Who is this Workshop for:

• Professionals who are working with World Café and Open Space technologies
• Professionals who have attended Art of Hosting, Society for Organizational Learning or Appreciative Inquiry training
• Leaders and professionals who are passionate with participative leadership and systemic approaches
• Leaders and professionals who aim to understand and manage dynamic complex organisations

Trainers: Guus Geisen, Anthi Theiopoulou, Odysseas Velentzas
Date: Six sequential Sundays starting on Sunday 6th of June 2021 at 16.00 GMT
Location: zoom online webinar

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