OLSET Consulting

Even though the OLSET software automates everything for you, we understand that in certain cases you might need the certainty that an expert’s guidance provides. For such cases we offer our OLSET Consulting and Facilitation services. The price of our customised consulting services depends on the number of participants from your organisation as well as from your choice of technology deployment approach: breakthrough or incremental.

  1. Breakthrough change:
    Change fast and easy
    Completely adopt new intelligent organisation strategy in less than a year
    Bottom up vision of your new organisation leading to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Requires 1-day workshop for all users
  2. Incremental change:
    Immediate start  without need for up front training
    Top down approach leading to longer life-cycle of  strategy adoption
    Buy as you go (Recommended approach: start with your leading team, next term add 3 teams, etc.)

Contact us to learn more and to order.