OLSET Software

OLSET is an easy “plugn-play” way to use management’s latest approach where Organizational Learning and strategy are integrated by design, aiming to improve your performance and bottom line results. OLSET fully automates a Learning Organization at any scale, if you are familiar with the field’s terminology.

How can you use it and adapt it to your Organisation?

The OLSET SaaS platform is a subscription based online software, which makes the OLSET decision making tools easy to apply to any organisation or project. It implements the stages or Steps of OLSET in an easy to use user interface, thus allowing any organisation to follow the process without any ambiguity. The OLSET SaaS platform provides reports on each Step as well as enables the initiation of multiple OLSET cycles or projects within an organisation’s structure.

The OLSET software is addressed to the leader of any type of organisation or project since improved decision making skills and sustainability are crucial for any kind of endeavour.

If you are a consultant, get the Certification and buy the OLSET Software at a wholesale price for your clients to upgrade your consulting and give the latest technology to your client experience.

We offer the OLSET software free for single- user limited use as a contribution to personal development or personal excellency as we name it. Sign up for free here.

Watch the OLSET Introduction video.

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